Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sun Dog of Hope

It was early in January, cold, crisp, and breezy as I walked to the park with my granddaughter for some fresh air and playtime. We talked about the River Birch and Pine Trees that dotted our path. We listened for bird sounds that we recognize, like cardinals and crows. She found two large twigs on the ground and we decided to go "fishing" from the little bridge that lies upon the path to the park. We use our imaginations and in this shared experience I can teach my three year old granddaughter spiritual principles as we connect with Nature. After we had our fun swinging on swings, and sliding down the "slidey boards" while holding hands, we headed back home. It was then that we saw this "sundog," otherwise known as a parhelion. Scientifically, it is ice-crystals in the atmosphere that are illuminated by the sun when the angle (22 degrees, some sites say) is right. To me it is a wonderful beacon of hope, seen when I was fully present in the now, enjoying myself immensely with my wonderful granddaughter. When I told her what it was, she sighed, and exclaimed, "Ohhh... a dog rainbow." I simply told her that it was a special sight and means good things are coming. She smiled and held my hand. "I know," is all she said.